Fr. Bonhoure Centre for Research

The centre for research in Education was established in 1992 and it was first approved by the Madurai Kamaraj University late by Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. Now the centre is functioningunder Tamilnadu Teachers Education University. So far 88 scholars have obtained their doctoral degrees through our centre. At present, 19 candidates are pursuing their Ph.D. programme.

2. Fr. Utarid Library

The library is the heart of our institution and well utilised by the student teachers and researchers. Library has an area of 2253 sq.ft and seating capacity for about 100 readers. At present the library houses a collection of above 19268 books, 416 book bank books,837 dissertations, 53 dissertation abstracts international, 673 back volumes of journals, 128 CD’s and 9 year question bank. The library subscribes 4 International and 32 National journals from reputed institutions, 25 magazines and 3 news papers. Library is fully computerized through Rovan Technologies library management system and students are searching the resources through computer based catalogue (Online Public Access Catalogue/OPAC).The library subscribes UGC N-List online package of journals, 96000 e-books through N-List and electronic books and Dissertation Abstracts International Online (Backup volumes from 2006). The library resources exploration happens as around 75 students use the library every day. A. Rules & Regulations 1. Strict silence should be observed inside the library. 2. Library functions from Monday to Saturday 09.00 AM to 05.30 PM. The library remains closed on Sundays and Government holidays. 3. Time alloted for lending books. B.Ed. : 04.45 pm to 05.30 pm M.Ed. : 02.00 pm to 04.30 pm M.Phil. : 12.15 pm to 12.45 pm 4. Time alloted for returning books. B.Ed. : 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm M.Ed. : 02.00 pm to 04.30 pm M.Phil. : 12.15 pm to 12.45 pm 5. Library users should sign the Gate Register before entering the library. 6. Users are required to deposit their bags / belongings (Other than Valuables like mobiles, Wallets Etc.) at the personal belongings rack. 7. Students must wear the ID CARD with the rope inside the library all the time. 8. Students should produce the ID Cards to the library staff whenever asked for. 9. Students will be allowed to make use of the reference books (including books, back volumes, dissertations, CD’s etc.,) in the library only on submission of the identity card. 10. Misuse of library facilities is an offence and calls for punishment as decided by the competent authority 11. Users are required to keep the library neat and tidy. 12. Mobile phones are to be switched off in the library. 13. Students may approach the librarian and other members of the staff in the library for any help and guidance.

3. Sports and Games

There is a full time Physical Director. In addition to theoretical lectures and demonstrations, participation in sports and games is made compulsory.


The Art and Craft Instructor prepares the students for Socially Useful Productive Work Programmes.

5. Clubs

Subject clubs are organised for enrichment of knowledge and development of talents. Health Club, Fine Art Club, Consumer Club and Red Ribbon Club are the different clubs which are functioning effectively in our college.

6. Talent Programmes

Opportunities are provided for the development of hidden talents of the students throughout the year.

7. Seminars

In addition to the regular academic programmes, Seminars and Workshops are also organised, inviting experts from different fields.

8. Self-Awareness Programme

A course on self-awareness will be conducted; Attendance for this course is obligatory for all.

9. Extension Activities

Every year, our staff and the students in collaboration with alumni association, organize either a science exhibition or social camp or Medical camp in a selected rural area around Palayamkottai.It is a service to the rural people by our college. It also motivates our students towards a broad national outlook. Also important national days are celebrated to develop national values.

Events in Nov' 2016