Mother Theresa Evening Study Centre (MOTESC)

The sacrificial service of our college in terms of teaching and coaching the children has the following objectives. The prospective teacher · Acquires new outlook of the society in which he lives. · Experiences the reality of the poor intelligent children. · Harvests the rich experience of tutoring the slow learners. · Experiments the new methodologies of teaching the children. · contributes his share for the growth and development of the society. · Extends the teaching practice as a follow up in the society.


The prospective teachers visit the study centres at Child Jesus Higher Secondary School and Government Hostel for Boys, three kilometers away from our institution, in the evening from 05.30 to 07.30 daily except Sundays. These centres were identified by some of our staff and students. It was proposed in the staff meeting to adopt these places for our immediate action. Later, it was also discussed with the students who immediately agreed upon the decision of visiting these sites every day. Finally it was approved by the management for further action. Thus Mother Theresa Evening Study Centre was started with enthusiasm and real commitment by the prospective teachers to the society.


Every day five students are assigned to visit the centres for providing academic teaching and coaching to the children of I to XII standard. The group consists of five teacher trainees belonging to different disciplines so that the children having difficulties in all the subjects can be satisfied. The co-ordinator visits the centres every day and registers the attendance of the students in the card specially printed for the programme.